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Stai Management acquired Hayward's 1st Choice Cleaners factory in September 2016. On this basis, Stai Management developed the 1st Choice Cleaners o2o network platform to provide high-quality o2o laundry service. It is a company focused on the Internet and to transform traditional stores to high-tech companies. 1st Choice Cleaners's closed-loop mode, not only to provide consumers with a clean and sterile health care, as well as shoes, home, luxury goods care and other one-stop comprehensive health services at home;

1st Choice Cleaners is a leading supplier of high-quality, standard and systematic laundry services in the upstream and downstream factories. It provides high-frequency and high-demand services for customers from the bay area. Washing services, become exclusive washing housekeeper, a well-received by the user's online washing brand.

When the customer needs to wash clothes, at the client (APP side) just one click order, 1st Choice Cleaners logistics staff make an appointment, pick up the door, sent to the central washing plant cleaning, after 16 procedures strict cleaning, 48 hours clothing returned to the customer.

1st Choice Cleaners combines the concept of "environmental protection, health and convenience" with the modern information technology, intelligent factory and intelligent logistics to creatively construct the "Internet + Intelligent Laundry Factory + Own Distribution" business model, practice and interpretation of the Internet era o2o new concept of service to provide customers with comprehensive, high-quality, personalized washing care solutions that allow customers to enjoy the advanced, caring washing care services:

•Based on mobile Internet(C2F) , reduce intermediate links, agile response to customer needs, protect the quality of care and maintenance;

•Based on self-built logistics system and the Internet of things label system, to achieve all the washing process tracking and traceability, the user can real-time understanding of the progress of washing services;

•Using the world's most advanced washing equipment, the construction of advanced intelligent modern laundry factory, providing high-quality washing quality.

What is 1st Choice Cleaners o2o

Stai Management developed the "1st Choice Cleaners" o2o washing system, take full advantage of the existing laundry factory resources, improve equipment utilization, reduce the technical barriers to industry practitioners, improve industry service standards. So that the dry cleaning industry has the flexibility and economy, to maximize and unified washing standards, simple operation, reduce labor costs, reduce management costs and enhance the image of the industry. At present, the PC side + mobile side + APP side has been synchronized on-line, truly a triple play!

1st Choice Cleaners o2o service mode

1st Choice Cleaners o2o service process

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