Commercial Services

Commercial Services

We offers high-quality and reliable laundry service to businesses throughout the whole Bay Area, we make sure our service meet with your special require. We serve hospital, nursing homes, hotels, manufacturers, government facilities and many other business. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or additional information and we will respond quickly.

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Hospital and Nursing Homes

Our service only uses materials that exceed all relevant safety guidelines and we employ processing methods that result in safe, clean textiles ready to be used in healthcare facilities. We provide hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other professional service offices with specialty care cleaning they require.

We serve a full line of healthcare uniforms including:

*Lab Coats


*Patient Gowns

*Mammography Capes

*Surgical Drapes

*Hospital Uniforms


We are currently work with many hotels in East Bay area, such as Hilton, Fairfield, the Marina etc. We will make sure your hotel guests (both internal and external) deserve and expect the best - regardless of time sensitivity or how particular their requests may be, we will provide the best solution.

Our service includes: quality pressing and cleaning, repairing broken buttons, customized tailoring orders and dry cleaning for special items such as sequins and cashmere. We do same day delivery for our hotel services. Not only for your guest, we also provide uniform cleaning for your employees.


Industrial work environments, machine shops, facilities maintenance staff, and petrochemical work sites require PPE(personal protection equipment) that is clean and in good condition to maintain worker safety. Leaving the cleaning of these articles up to employees, or neglecting to launder them using the proper detergents and methods can lead to workplace injuries.

We can provide cleaning service that make your safety requirement and will enhance your staff's appearance and safety on the job site.

Government Facilities

We are honored to serve our government facilities, such as caltrain station and correction facilities, we are working on to provide our service to many other department. As many program require special care for the uniforms, we are proud we could be a part of it.